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The services that BCB provides to its customers are as follows:


1. Cashier service

  • Payments / Receipts or Deposits of Funds on Term Deposits, Savings or Checking Accounts
  • Fundraising at home;
  • Execution of payment orders from customers of private individuals, companies and institutions, companies;
  • Regular check receipts and payments;
  • Receipts and payments of travelers checks;
  • Provision of funds;
  • Changed manual;

2. Operations with the outside

  • Documentary credits (cr doc);
  • Documentary remittances (remdoc);
  • Transfers Origin or destination;

3.  Counseling and assistance

  • Management
  • Investments
  • Stock market investments
  • Projects
  • The financial and accounting organization.


The products that BCB makes available to its customers are as follows:

1. The credits

  • Personal loans (consumption, equipment, or real estate);
  • Treasury credits to companies, companies and institutions (cash facilities, overdrafts, campaign credits, investment loans, etc.);
  • External Trade Finance by Credits documentaries;
  • The financing of commercial debts (discounts, advances on goods, advances or credit on public orders);
  • Credits by signature to companies and companies (Bid Deposit, Performance Bond, Start-Up Advance Guarantees, Approved Drafts ...);

2. Investments
  • Investments sight (checking accounts and savings accounts);
  • Term investments (term deposits, cash notes, treasury bills);
  • Securities (shares and bonds);

3. Fast money transfers

These are fast, safe, efficient and cheaper money transfer systems that allow customers to receive and send money anywhere in the world in just ten minutes. you have the choice between:

  • MoneyGram
  • RIA
  • Small World

4. Monetics and ICT

  • Thanks to the connection to the international networks MASTERCARD and VISA, via the GIM-CTMI-UEMOA (Interbank Monetary Group-Interbank Monetary Processing Center), it will make available to its customers' cards valid in most countries of the world.
  • Ebank: From your home or business, check your balance and history online from your connection.

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